Executive Summary

Meet Ben Musholt, a jack of all trades – a physical therapist, parkour aficionado, author, entrepreneur, and programmer. With a multifaceted skill set and a passion for movement, Ben sought to create a platform where he could share his love for parkour, his books, downloadable workouts, and insights with the vibrant parkour community. OVENLIGHT, known for its excellent work with Ben’s previous business (Beyond The Clinic), was chosen to handle everything from domain management to web design, ensuring a seamless launch and ongoing website maintenance.

About Ben

Ben Musholt is a dynamic figure who transitioned from physical therapy to software development, launching BPMRx.com in 2009. He’s also the author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia in 2013 and co-authored Parkour Strength Training in 2016. In between his ventures, he explores the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, aiming to partake in three fun physical activities daily.


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Adam created the website for my physical therapy clinic, and the end product is phenomenal. The site is extremely clean, with plenty of built in SEO, and allows me to change content with ease. He provided fast turn around and was able to guide me through the development phases without difficulty. Highly recommended!

Ben Musholt

Parkour Athlete and Entrepreneur

visit benmusholt.com

Challenges and Objectives

Ben faced the challenge of managing multiple websites, each dedicated to his books and his company. However, he lacked a unified platform to showcase his boundless energy and innovative expertise in physical movement. The objective was to establish him as a content expert, demonstrating his physical prowess and knowledge through photos, videos, downloadable workouts, and blogs. Building a substantial following was crucial for his success as an author and content creator. He recognized that developing such a platform required professional expertise, which led him to re-engage Ovenlight, based on past project success.

How Our Services Helped

To address Ben’s diverse needs, we collaboratively decided on a WordPress website with a prebuilt template. This approach allowed us to swiftly create the website, customized to align with Ben’s personal brand. We incorporated lead-generating call-to-action elements, enabling Ben to share his valuable content in exchange for email addresses. Auto-publishing was set up to seamlessly push new blog posts to Ben’s social media channels. Post-launch, we continued to provide ongoing administration, ensuring the site’s security and keeping WordPress and its plugins up to date.


Our solution simplified content publication, workout downloads, and audience expansion for Ben. We also relieved him of the technical complexities by managing website and domain maintenance.

Future Plans

Our collaboration with Ben continues as we provide ongoing WordPress administration and hosting management. This allows him to focus on his passion for movement and sharing the joy with the world.

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