Executive Summary

Learn how OVENLIGHT collaborated with SQFT Studios, a design-build firm, to overcome branding challenges, revamp their website, and integrate HubSpot CRM. The result was a visually stunning, responsive website that significantly increased leads and sales.

About SQFT Studios

SQFT Studios, a design-build firm, approached OVENLIGHT seeking a solution to their outdated logo and a desire for a cohesive rebrand. The company specializes in architecture and construction, aiming to showcase their unique projects through an effective online platform.


Custom Logo Development

The previous logo suffered from some legibility issues. It didn’t draw people in. And, it didn’t instantly communicate what the company does.

The new logo solves the legibility issues and draws people into each letter with the use of tools in the negative spaces. Pencil, Screwdriver, Wrench, Hammer, T-Square…these are all tools used by the design/build firm to build smart solutions for their customers.

Challenges and Objectives

SQFT Studios faced challenges with an ineffective logo and outdated website. The objectives were to create a new logo, execute a rebrand, develop a responsive website focusing on lead generation, and integrate HubSpot CRM for streamlined customer relationship management.

How Our Services Helped

OVENLIGHT guided SQFT Studios through a comprehensive rebranding process, designing a visually appealing website using WordPress and Avada. The site was optimized for lead generation, and HubSpot CRM integration ensured efficient customer relationship management. Consulting on CRM and providing custom fleet graphics and signage further enhanced SQFT Studios’ brand visibility.


Web Traffic Increase with New Design

Proof SEO works


Revenue Growth

Year over Year


Increase in Projects

Current Year vs. Previous

The best inbound marketing consultant and web guru alive today. Incredible experience. Made me feel confident about the decisions I was and am making for my small business.

Eli Green

Owner, Architect


The revamped website and integrated CRM strategy led to a substantial increase in leads and boosted sales for SQFT Studios. The client testimonial attests to OVENLIGHT’s expertise and the confidence instilled in decision-making for their small business.

Future Plans

SQFT Studios envisions continued growth and success. OVENLIGHT will continue to support their digital presence, ensuring ongoing success in lead generation and customer engagement.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman