The journey with Happy Cup Coffee began with a simple wholesale bean purchase by our owner, Adam Friedman, sparking a partnership focused on growth. Our initial efforts in understanding the brand and its audience paved the way for targeted paid ads, enhancing local sales. Recognizing the challenge of coffee subscription management, we transitioned Happy Cup from Squarespace to Shopify, establishing a robust coffee subscription model that empowered customers. Our multi-faceted approach included email marketing, social media engagement, new product launches, and significant sales events, culminating in opening two café locations and a substantial increase in online sales and subscriptions.

Coffee Subscription Website Design and Development

About Happy Cup

Based in NE Portland, Happy Cup is a specialty coffee roaster with a dual mission: providing competitive wages to adults with disabilities and delivering exceptional coffee. Our engagement was a direct owner-to-owner collaboration, focusing on elevating Happy Cup’s digital presence and sales.

Challenges and Objectives

Happy Cup faced resource limitations and required expertise in marketing and advertising to expand, especially with the introduction of their first café. The onset of the pandemic necessitated a shift back to online sales, demanding a more sophisticated subscription platform. Our goals included boosting online sales, particularly subscriptions, and driving café foot traffic.


Ovenlight delivered comprehensive business consulting and marketing services, including a sophisticated website and subscription system, local ad campaigns, social media promotions, contests, email marketing campaigns, and major sales events. Our collaboration enabled Happy Cup to overcome internal resource constraints, resulting in significant sales increases which helped fund the launch of two cafes.


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Store Conversion Rate


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Future Plans

Happy Cup continues to thrive with the systems we implemented, now managing their social media in-house. Ovenlight remains a steadfast partner, ready to assist with future marketing and ecommerce needs.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman