Executive Summary

When AlphaCard sought to reinvigorate its brand and enhance the user experience (UX), they turned to Adam Friedman, an Art Director and UI Designer, to lead the charge. Tasked with updating the company’s security product brand assets, Adam collaborated with the design and development teams to unveil a fresh brand identity, complete with a new logo, eCommerce website, and email designs. In this case study, we delve into AlphaCard’s journey towards a modernized identity and a more user-friendly digital presence.

Email Newsletter Design

Email Newsletter

AlphaCard had embraced email as a marketing channel for many years. As part of the rebrand, the email newsletter took on the new logo, typography and a more educational approach to email communications.

Logo Design Before and After

Adam spearheaded the logo design team, guiding them through the distinct and intricate phases of creativity and approval, each demanding its own unique skill set. Our journey comprised numerous iterations, engaging presentations, and productive meetings, ultimately culminating in the creation of a new logo. This logo seamlessly conveys our company’s name and underscores our presence in the ID card industry. Its color palette draws inspiration from the United States of America’s iconic Red, White, and Blue, symbolizing trust, integrity, and the noble ideals associated with our brand.

About the Client

AlphaCard is a renowned security products company specializing in ID Card Printers, Consumables, and Accessories. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to customer education and support, AlphaCard has evolved from a small startup in 1998 into a trusted global provider for secure ID solutions, serving over 30,000 customers worldwide. Their mission is underscored by a dedication to world-class customer service and support, earning them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and becoming the go-to choice for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to schools, universities, police departments, and more.

Challenges and Objectives

Before Adam’s involvement, AlphaCard grappled with a stagnant brand identity and underutilized e-commerce potential. While their products and services were top-tier, the website primarily aimed at generating phone inquiries. AlphaCard’s leadership team, realizing the importance of revitalizing their digital presence, brought in Adam Friedman to breathe new life into the brand. The objectives were clear: rejuvenate the brand, enhance e-commerce capabilities, and improve the overall customer experience.

How Adam Helped

Adam Friedman worked in close collaboration with AlphaCard’s leadership team to identify branding and website challenges. His leadership led to the creation of a new, distinctive logo that now adorns all branded materials. The website transitioned onto a robust e-commerce platform, allowing for more content and enhanced shopping experiences. A comprehensive learning center was introduced, catering to both users and search engines. A user-friendly shopping tool enabled product filtering and comparison. The new website was launched successfully, and the email newsletter program became a hub for delivering valuable content and product updates to an expanding audience, designed to work seamlessly across all devices.

New DesignOld Design


Feedback from AlphaCard’s leadership and team members has been overwhelmingly positive. Adam’s meticulous and detail-oriented designs not only improved the website’s aesthetics but also considered web usability. Here’s what some team members had to say:

“Adam is a brilliant designer that constantly amazed me with his detail-oriented designs… Without reservations, I highly recommend Adam Friedman for any design challenge you can throw at him.”

Oren Tanay

Site Lead

“As a designer at AlphaCard Systems, Adam really pushed the company towards excellence… His creativity and commitment to email best practices got us to where we are today.”

John Middleton

Web Analyst


Although Adam’s tenure at AlphaCard was relatively brief, lasting around a year, his impact remains enduring. He takes pride in the work he contributed and the strategies he helped implement. Additionally, his strong connections with the creative team persist, leading to ongoing collaborations with those who have ventured into the freelance world. The future for AlphaCard is one of continued growth and success, thanks to the revitalization efforts led by Adam Friedman and the dedicated team.

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Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

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