Renowned aerial photographer Fran Gormley approached OVENLIGHT with a unique challenge – showcasing a new body of colorful and abstract aerial photography through a modern, minimal website. With a focus on the shifting relationship between photography, painting, and sculpture, Gormley aimed to capture the dreamlike point where reality becomes abstraction. The objective was to present large format aerial photographs in an intuitive and creative manner, allowing viewers to experience the exhibit online. OVENLIGHT chose Squarespace for its versatility and worked closely with Gormley to create a responsive site with an eCommerce element, resulting in a shining example of minimal web design.

About the Subject

Fran Gormley’s photography explores the hidden beauty in otherworldly landscapes from her unique perspective thousands of feet above the earth. Her one-of-a-kind, large-scale photographs aim to immortalize the dreamlike point where reality transforms into abstraction. Visit




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Years of Collaboration

“I’ve hired with Adam for many projects and have always been exceptionally pleased with the quality of his work. You can count on Adam to create and execute a strong concept in a very timely manner. Adam is a pleasure to work with and always willing to go the extra yard to deliver great results.”

Fran Gormley


Challenges and Objectives

The primary challenge was to present Gormley’s large format aerial photographs in an intuitive and creative manner online. This required meticulous editing and ordering to manifest the artist’s vision. The website needed to be highly functional and responsive, showcasing the exhibit beautifully across various screen sizes. Additionally, an eCommerce element was required to sell the art book for the exhibit, titled “Palette Earth.”

How Product/Service Helped

Leveraging Ovenlight’s extensive experience in photography and web design, the team engaged in thorough discussions and studied high-end photography galleries for inspiration. The result was a minimal yet highly functional design that prioritized showcasing the artwork. The responsive website features about 40 works of art, elegantly presented in a masonry stack with mouse-over titles. The gallery received praise from Fran Gormley for its elegance and sophistication. Post-exhibit, the website seamlessly transitioned to facilitate the sale of the art book, “Palette Earth.”

Future Plans

Excitingly, Ovenlight has been enlisted to create the online experience for Fran Gormley’s upcoming exhibit, signaling a continued partnership between the photographer and the digital marketing agency.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman