Executive Summary

Ovenlight played a pivotal role in the evolution of Beyond The Clinic (BTC) by creating a website aligned with their rebranding, integrating lead generation features, and implementing a comprehensive Reputation Management strategy. The partnership extends to ongoing website maintenance, hosting management, and a commitment to amplifying BTC’s online presence.

About Beyond The Clinic

Beyond the Clinic was founded in 2009 with one mission: to transform how healthcare is provided in Portland.

They operate like a regular physical therapy clinic, but with one significant difference: The bring the therapy to you! Their team of physical therapists is dedicated to providing patients with personalized and purposeful care in the comfort of their home. Whether you are recovering from a total joint replacement or, you have an older loved one who is injured, or you simply need a movement tune-up, they are happy to help.


Customer Since

Providing uninterrupted digital services


Traffic Increase

With modest SEO on existing content traffic is rising


Website Uptime

With proper server configuration and administration

“Adam has good ideas about funneling website traffic to a business and then focusing the visitor to the desired outcome, which is following through and acting on your product. I am upping my web presence based upon his input.”

Bryan Pasternak, MPT, MS

Owner, Beyond The Clinic

Challenges and Objectives

BTC lacked internal resources for a website redesign and sought to align it with their updated logo. The goal was to enhance online visibility, generate leads, and create a website that worked seamlessly around the clock. Ovenlight embraced Version 2 of BTC’s website, incorporating the new logo, colors, and a commitment to 24/7 functionality.

How our Services Helped

Ovenlight delivered a responsive WordPress website, leveraging plugins for lead generation and data-backed blog topics to attract potential patients. Ongoing maintenance includes backups, WordPress updates, and SEO efforts. BTC is also integrated into Ovenlight’s Reputation Management platform, ensuring consistent business information across listings and facilitating patient reviews published on Google and Facebook.


Ovenlight’s efforts resulted in a high-quality website, freeing up BTC’s team to focus on patient care. The Reputation Management platform enhances local visibility, with positive Google results establishing social proof of BTC’s excellence in in-home physical therapy.

Future Plans

Ovenlight aims to elevate BTC’s online presence further through enhanced Search Engine Marketing strategies, emphasizing content quality and innovative lead generation campaigns.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman