Executive Summary

In a collaborative effort with local agency Lift30, OVENLIGHT was entrusted with the task of crafting a website that resonates with the dynamic personality of PGA Tour player Ben Crane. This web design journey was a testament to pixel perfection, combining intricate details with a deep personal touch.

About The Client

Ben Crane, a prominent figure on the PGA Tour, boasts a record of victories and high leaderboard placements. Beyond his golfing prowess, Ben’s charisma shines through with a humorous crew who create captivating videos, offering a lighter side of professional golf. Importantly, Ben is a man of faith, seeking to share this profound aspect of his life with the world. The ultimate goal? To provide a singular platform for all things Ben Crane.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge was to create a top-tier web design for PGA Pro Ben Crane. The website needed to deliver up-to-the-minute stats, event updates, and news from the Tour Pro’s world. More than just statistics, the design had to invite visitors into his personal life and resonate with his deep Christian faith. The solution took shape as a widgetized design, seamlessly integrating real-time data from the PGA database. The website featured a blog, a golf tips section, and a video gallery, each a window into Ben’s captivating personality. A standout widget beckoned visitors to explore his personal journey of faith, charity, and his videos. The end result was a meticulously designed Photoshop file, serving as the blueprint for the developers in crafting a responsive site.

How Our Services Helped

OVENLIGHT stepped in to assist another agency by providing cutting-edge web design services that adhered to budget and timeline constraints. Our commitment to delivering precisely what was outlined in the design brief, while staying on schedule and within budget, contributed to the success of this project.


The project yielded a meticulously layered Photoshop file, serving as the foundation for the website created in Joomla. The design perfectly aligned with the client’s vision, and the project was delivered on time and within the budget, a testament to OVENLIGHT’s precision and professionalism.

The Future

This project stands as a source of pride for OVENLIGHT. It allowed us to support a fellow agency and bring to life a website that authentically represents how a professional can seamlessly blend their passion for sports and their profound personal faith.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman