OVENLIGHT received an RFP from Foothills Soccer Club, a local soccer organization in Southwest Portland facing challenges with its website management. The club required a user-friendly platform, updated photography, and enhanced visibility for their fundraising efforts. OVENLIGHT proposed and successfully executed a solution by designing and building a responsive WordPress website, providing professional sports photography, and dependable website administration and support for this local soccer club.

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About Foothills

Foothills Soccer Club has been a cornerstone in Southwest Portland for over 40 years, offering both recreational and academy programs. Committed to inclusivity and equal opportunities, the club aims to instill a lifelong love of soccer. Despite its vibrant community, the club struggled with an outdated website tied to an inefficient portal. OVENLIGHT addressed these issues by creating a dynamic WordPress website that not only reflects the club’s passion but also serves its diverse needs, including fundraising promotions.

“Ovenlight Marketing is great to work with – from concept to execution to review and refinement. They are pros all the way, well worth it.”

Matt Devlin

Foothills Soccer Club Treasurer


Challenges and Objectives

Prior to OVENLIGHT’s intervention, Foothills Soccer Club utilized their registration platform’s system for their website, resulting in frustration and a lackluster online presence. The organization faced challenges in getting noticed on search engines, hindering their outreach and recruitment efforts. The club desired a visually appealing website, showcasing professional photography capturing the essence of their players, coaches, and leadership team. Additionally, they needed an effective platform to highlight ongoing fundraising initiatives and keep club members updated.

The club’s photo and video library was dated and overused. Now, after a multi-day photoshoot across multiple age groups and genders along with their leadership team the club presents itself as the vibrant, competitive, and joyous organization it truly is.

How our Services Helped

OVENLIGHT conducted a competitive analysis, informing the creation of a new website through wireframes and a sitemap. Leveraging the popular and customizable Avada Theme on WordPress, the team designed and launched a visually appealing site. Concurrently, professional sports photography was provided, featuring players of all ages, coaches, and leadership figures in various scenarios. The website, equipped with a robust news section, is managed and optimized for speed by OVENLIGHT, ensuring ease of use for the internal team.


The results speak for themselves—increased traffic, positive testimonials from club members, and improved visibility on search engines. The internal team now finds website management intuitive, and the club has seen a surge in new members. The combination of a visually striking website and professional photography has effectively communicated the joy and passion that defines Foothills Soccer Club.

Future Plans

OVENLIGHT continues to work closely with Foothills Soccer Club, expanding and enhancing different sections of the website. The collaborative success is attributed to OVENLIGHT’s commitment to delivering on promises, ensuring the club’s ongoing satisfaction.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman