Executive Summary

With a product that must be touched to be truly appreciated, 3DPhotoWorks has pioneered tactile printed installations that expand the art world to the visually impaired. Leveraging an omnichannel marketing approach, OVENLIGHT partnered with 3DPhotoWorks to establish a strong online presence, develop a customer relationship management (CRM) system, launch a successful Kickstarter campaign, and build an engaged audience across various digital platforms.

About The Client

Since 2008, 3DPhotoWorks, under the visionary leadership of John Olson, has created partnerships with organizations like the National Federation of the Blind and Getty Images to bring art experiences to the blind through installations at museums, science centers, libraries, government agencies, and cultural institutions worldwide.

Over 100k

Kickstarter Pledged

Even though the goal of 500k was not reached. We’re incredibly proud of the increase in visibility to this important cause.


Years as a Client

Providing excellent digital marketing services for 3DPhotoWorks since 2011

Challenges and Objectives

As a startup, 3DPhotoWorks faced the following challenges

  • 1

    Online Presence Establishing a credible online presence through a new website and social media channels.

  • 2
    Educating the Market Educating potential buyers about the unique benefits of tactile art installations.
  • 3

    Lead Generation Creating a CRM system for lead capture and sales outreach.

  • 4

    Kickstarter Campaign Raising awareness and funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

  • 5
    Audience Awareness Raising awareness in an underserved market.

How our Digital Marketing Services Helped

Challenge 1: Online Presence

We developed a modern and user-friendly website that effectively showcased 3DPhotoWorks’ portfolio. This included custom graphics and embedded videos to demonstrate the tactile art experience.

Challenge 2: Educating the Market

Our email marketing strategy involved creating targeted lists and sending personalized emails. This helped raise awareness and educate potential buyers about the unique value of tactile art.

Challenge 3: Lead Generation

We implemented a HubSpot CRM system, customized it to the client’s sales process, and provided training for the sales team. This streamlined lead management and tracking.

Challenge 4: Kickstarter Campaign

Our team designed and executed a successful Kickstarter campaign that generated over $100,000 in pledges, demonstrating the product’s appeal and potential.

Challenge 5: Audience Awareness

We consistently maintained domains, hosting, and website files while providing ongoing SEO services to enhance visibility and attract the right audience.

Grow your traffic

We boost website traffic through expert design and SEO, delivering a compelling user experience while ensuring high visibility on search engines.


Know Your Customers

CRM development uncovers customer insights, leading to better understanding and personalized interactions that drive customer growth and loyalty.

Sales Chart


Our digital marketing efforts have yielded significant results:

Attraction and Conversion: The website has successfully attracted and converted visitors into sales qualified leads.

Email Marketing: Email marketing empowered the small sales team to engage effectively with leads.

Kickstarter Success: Despite falling short of the initial funding goal, the Kickstarter campaign raised substantial awareness and proved the concept’s viability.

Consistency and Creativity: Our consistent, knowledgeable, and creative approach has earned us the trust of 3DPhotoWorks as their digital marketing agency of record.


The future holds promise for 3DPhotoWorks as we continue to work on Google Paid Ads and SEO to expand awareness. Additionally, our ongoing email marketing efforts will nurture leads and refine the system further.

Responsive, ‘can-do’ attitude, highly professional. Small team with a big impact.”

John Olson
John Olson

Owner, 3DPhotoWorks

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman

Digital Craftsman